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Experience the ultimate empowerment journey and reclaim your body confidence with Fem Chi's 10 week online Zoom course and performance at Womanifest. The course starts Sunday 7th May and leads up to a live performance at the Womanifest Festival on 16th July. Learn a group dance and perform as part of a group or take the risk and perform a solo - be as daring as you dare! As part of the course, you'll also get to join a photoshoot, live session and group dance training session on the weekend of 11th June. The course is specially designed to help you embrace who you are and feel beautiful again. Learn the art of burlesque and redefine your sensuality, sexuality and embodiment. Feel empowered and boost your confidence in a safe and supportive environment. At just 199.00, this amazing opportunity is available to up to 16 women. As an added bonus, you'll also get a weekend pass ticket to the Womanifest Festival and be part of the photoshoot and calendar, which will be on sale at the festival and raise funds for the festival. Don't miss out - join Fem Chi and Womanifest in this incredible journey of empowerment and reclaim your body confidence.

Fem Chi Vixens Womanifest Package

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